Fifteen new tips in Jaïr Soares missing person case

After last week’s flyer campaign in Monster, the Peter R. de Vries Foundation has received fifteen new tips about the Jaïr Soares case.

Kelly de Vries, director of the Peter R. de Vries Foundation, says when asked: “I just (anonymously) shared the tips with the police cold case team.”

In the summer of 1995, the then 7-year-old Jaïr disappeared during a day with his family on the beach of Monster. Jair has not been heard from in all these years. Last week, the Peter R. de Vries Foundation and the Soares family held a flyer campaign in which they visited 7,000 homes in Monster, hoping for that one golden tip. The Foundation has awarded 250,000 euros for the redeeming tipster.


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