Fashion tennis: the best to say goodbye to 2022 with all the attitude

We couldn’t make this list and omit one of the great contemporary designers on the planet: Rick Owens. His style brutal It is perfect to give that extra touch to your looks. Do not be afraid to use them, because their shape is perfect to wear with minimalist looks as well as for maximalist looks. Wear them with shorts to stand out or if you prefer with tighter jeans. Remember, the more the better, but you have to be smart and wear them with great pride.

Raf Simons Tennis Antei


Courtesy of the brand

Your design of color block in neutral tones it is perfect to wear with a beige, gray or black look. Its streamlined styling looks and feels comfortable, plus it has an interchangeable tongue that adds an extra touch to the shoe. sneaker. It is undoubtedly one of the favorites due to its affordability and, furthermore, because it summarizes everything in a single shoe: proposal, design and also a clean and innovative aesthetic as only Raf can do.

jellyfish sandals

At the forefront

Courtesy of the brand

the sandals of Versace They have the best metaphor. It seems that Medusa turned them into rock. Perfect for the beach or a New Year’s Eve getaway, these shoes don’t scream outrageous, they just scream extraordinary. Use them without fear, because few men would dare to wear something as iconic as this shoe, which is also totally innovative.


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