Dressage victory for Destacado: model student with a small heart

Seven a small “toilet break” did not jeopardize victory. Shortly before the piaffe, one of the most difficult lessons in dressage, Destacado had to get rid of a few horse droppings. The chestnut stallion stopped walking and relieved himself. But he allowed his rider Matthias Alexander Rath to persuade him in time to continue and perform the piaffe at the right point.

With an overall score of 74.596 percent, Rath and Destacado won the Grand Prix Special at the international Frankfurt Festhallen horse show on Saturday morning. The two thus close their extremely successful year with another win. It wasn’t until mid-November that they won the title “German Dressage Master” at the international indoor show in Stuttgart.

Destacado, the “little nerd”

Even there, Rath called the stallion a “model student” and a “little nerd”, just a horse that always wanted to do everything right. But the powerful, muscular Destacado is also a rather shy horse with a small heart, who was impressed by the very special atmosphere in the festival hall.

The Christmas decorations, the proximity to the spectator stands – this is still new for a young horse like Destacado, especially since many tournaments in recent years have had to take place without spectators due to the corona pandemic. “I was very satisfied today, even if the wading in the walk was of course unfavorable,” said Rath after the award ceremony and explained: “Normally he always does that before warming up. Today he lacked a bit of inner peace. But fortunately everything went well.”



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