Competition disqualifies five players from a Zaragoza children’s team for assaulting the opposing team and insulting the referee


According to the referee’s report, seven players from the visiting team attacked six from the local team, two of them ended up in the hospital.

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The Comit de Competicin de la Federacin Aragonesa de Ftbol has provisionally disqualified five children’s players (12 years old) of the team from the Zaragoza town of La Puebla de Alfindn for the incidents that occurred last Saturday in the match against Cristo Rey, in the Aragonese capital.

According to the referee’s report, there were various attacks that ended with several local team players injured and two of them in the hospital.

As neither of the two teams have presented allegations, the aforementioned committee has only taken into account the arbitration act.

This reflects that during the match there were very serious insults and attacks, kicks and elbows, by up to seven Alfindn players against six from Cristo Rey, in whose field the match was played.

Given the seriousness of the incidents, the match had to be suspended midway through the second half.

In some cases, the referee manages to count up to “15 kicks” on the back of rivals who were lying on the pitch.

The record also reflects that six local players suffered back, ankle, leg, thigh, jaw and knee injuries.

Likewise, he indicates that the parents of the team asked him to evaluate the injuries, since they were going to go to the Clinic to have them examined.

In its resolution, the Competition Committee asks Cristo Rey for the medical reports to verify this point.

With this information and that reflected in the arbitration act, said body of the Aragonese Football Federation will rule on the final sanctions.

In addition to the attacks, it reflects serious insults to the referee, such as “son of the greatest bitch, asshole, bastard and fucking retard.”

Likewise, the record also denounces that, when the match was suspended, “seven Alfindn fans” began to rebuke the refereewho was accompanied to the locker room by supporters of the local team.

“One of them -in reference to the visitors- pushes me from behind, without injuring me or throwing me to the ground, and addresses me in the following terms: ‘You son of a bitch write down my name that you will remember me, you are a son of a bitch'”.

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