Badminton Zamora closes the season with two golds and three silvers

Villamuriel de Cerrato hosted the end of the season for the badminton from Zamora that added two golds and three silvers to his list of winners.

With a view to starting the new season in January, the members of the sub11, sub15 and sub19 categories attended this last test of the Castilla y León circuit scoring for the national ranking. The objective was clear: to close this great season in the best possible way, adding the maximum number of points possible to start January in suitable positions within the national ranking.

in category under-11 Demetrio Pinto he overwhelmed again, winning two gold medals, both in the men’s singles and in the men’s doubles together with his teammate from CB Valladolid, Diego Muñoz. In this way he ends his career in the sub-11 category as number 1 in the region, a position obtained throughout the entire circuit, as well as among the 8 best players nationwide. Now it’s time for the Zamorano to start a new category, the sub-13, with a larger track, the now official one, and a higher net, forgetting about the well-known minibadminton of the sub9 and sub11 categories.

He also highlighted the great competition of Felix Pinto and Hector Capote, who attended this competition while still under-9, with the aim of gaining experience in official competitions to begin in January to be the base of badminton from Zamora. Both won a men’s singles match in the group stage, and capped the cake with silver in the men’s doubles. A good future awaits this young couple.

By your side, leticia gomez said goodbye to the sub-15 category with a victory in the women’s singles in the group stage, falling in the match that gave the pass to the final phase, happening in the same way in the women’s doubles modality, where they fell to 3 sets, only by 2 points of difference against the Sorian couple seeded n2.

Finally, the under-17 players, Aitana Ares and Natalia Colino, They were participating in the under-19 category, which will be theirs starting next month, looking for the best results to score points and start the season in this new category in high positions. And so it happened, both obtaining a silver medal in the women’s doubles modality, in addition to another silver medal for Natalia Colino in the women’s singles, losing the final in an even match decided in the third set.

Now yes, badminton from Zamora closes this 2022 season, with a very positive assessment and very good feelings for the next season, 2023.


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