Artists, athletes and journalists warm up for the Primera Hora softball celebrity game

Hit the ball out of the park!

Artists, athletes and journalists will have a meeting this Saturday at the Yldefonso Solá Morales stadium in Caguas to celebrate the 25th anniversary of First hour.

Starting early in the morning, dozens of fans came to occupy the stands to watch their favorites play softball.

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Artists, athletes and journalists faced each other in a fun softball game in celebration of 25 years of Primera Hora.

In the list of celebrities who will be on the playing field are Alexandra Fuentes, Sie7e, Melina León, Normando Valentín, Gerardo Rivas, Diane Ferrer, Luis Vázquez, Uka Green, Aixa Vázquez and the members of the “Guerreros” program, Carlos ” Thor” Caquías, Jeanthony “Chino” Medina, Yafed “Tiburón” Marrero and Dan Pastrana.

Representing First hour, will be the entire squad of sports journalists: Noel Piñeiro, Joel Ortiz, Carlos González and Fernando Rivas. Meteorologist and journalist Jayson Vázquez will also play.

Juan Laureano Peña and his wife Carmen Torres, a resident of the Bonneville de Caguas urbanization, were among those who first took their seats to watch the meeting. They commented that they go to journalists.

“I haven’t come to the park for a long time and we spend a lot of trouble and in all the activities on the island,” said Laureano Peña, indicating that she was motivated to attend the activity because she reads every day to First hour.

“We come so they don’t tell us,” Torres said.

Gladys Rivera, also from Caguas, expressed that she attended the game, since “Primera Hora is my favorite. He is mine ”.

He predicted, by the way, that the event, scheduled to start at noon, will be a success.

In the front row, Luis Antonio Vidal Ríos, from Cidra, was waiting for his son, Sergio Vidal, who belongs to the Gurabo Baseball Academy, to join the artists and journalists to play.

“Where the baby is, I have to be. But, nothing, she is going to have a great time. It is great that the 25th anniversary of the newspaper is being celebrated, that I miss the ‘Power of the Week’, (which was actually the Bombón de Así ‘), so that they put it in perspective, ”he commented.

In the dressing rooms, meanwhile, artists, athletes and journalists waited for the start of the game.

It was possible to observe how the major league player, Carlos Baerga, asked to take a picture with the retired boxer, Miguel Cotto.

It was an atmosphere of gossip and laughter, as the former player of the Roberto Clemente Professional Baseball League, Jorge Padilla, had anticipated.

“It is a very nice thing to see the teammates and the enthusiasm. Besides that with everything we have been through, it is fair and necessary, ”said the athlete, commenting that he agreed to play to“ enjoy and laugh ”.

He said that he hopes that the fans “enjoy this event, which is with a lot of love and affection.”

Millie Cangiano was one of the journalists getting ready to enter the field of play.

“I hope we win the blunderbuss that I represent,” said the columnist for First hourwho was on the side of the reds.

For his part, Baerga said he was honored to join celebrities to enjoy this Saturday.

He told the fans that “we are with them, that we are going to get up. I think it is important for us to give joy, joy to our people and, really, that it will be a very beautiful, very beautiful moment for people to enjoy, enjoy music. There is going to be a gift, there are going to be different things and, really, if you can get to the park, come here to enjoy it”.


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