Aminé presents the latest collaboration between New Balance and Bodega

New Balance and Winery announce the launch of Bodega x New Balance 9060 through the campaign run by musician and brand ambassador, Aminé. The collection complete will be exclusively on Bodega on December 10 and globally from the 15th.

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Influenced by the notion of discovery, the collection is based on the launch of Bodega x New Balance 9060. Designed to be worn by the modern renaissance man as it adapts to different lifestyles y activities where the inspiration of the collection it is more than evident through the visual language of the shoe box.

One was framed by the flowering of creativity and change in everyday perspectives where many people appreciated the until and explored it through different media. Amine brings the concept of the campaign to life through still images of himself performing his creative endeavors.

Is collaboration is a contemporary version Inspired by the models that came before it and based on the original function. This model evokes a utilitarian feeling that features Suede overlays and mesh underlays spaced out in shades of blue, tan and gray. However, with this model there is the kick off for the great variety of colors that this collection throughout the following months.

Bodega x New Balance

The new installment of 9060as well as new models of this silhouette will be available with limited pieces from December 15 and can be found through stores Stush, Headquarter, Alive, Lust and the shops New Balance in Guadalajara, Querétaro, Angelópolis in Puebla, Venustiano Carranza in the Historic Center of Mexico City and now also on the online page.

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