A brutal fire devastates the club room of the El Escorpin Golf Club in Valencia

Un uncontrolled fire arras this Saturday with part of the facilities of the El Escorpin Golf Club, in the Valencian town of Btera. The fire, of which the causes are still unknown, reduced the room of sticks to ashes and a large part of the maintenance offices and ‘caddy master’ of the club.

Although there were no injuries, fortunately, material damage amounts to more than one million euros according to the first estimates. The club, with some 2,600 members, He kept in his room of clubs something more than a thousand bagswhich have been totally destroyed as well as dozens of ‘buggies’.

Weighs a la rapid intervention of the fire brigade to control and reduce the fire, which had started around 7:00 p.m., the flames caused enormous damage in a short time. This Sunday, as a precautionary measure, the club will remain closed.


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