27th Muttkrate – tournament of the male U12 Judo Sport Club Erkelenz JSC

Philipp Habersack (-40 kg) and Dennis Quade (-46 kg) started at the Muttkrate tournament for male U12s. Both of them did really well in this very competitive tournament.

Philipp won his first bout strong in his weight class within a few seconds with Ippon. In his second encounter, he showed good grip fighting and several attempts at throwing, but had to admit defeat to an opponent’s hold and ended up in the consolation round. In his fourth fight, he was able to continuously enforce his usual good grip fight and won after two Waazari ratings. Unfortunately, he lost his last fight due to injury. Despite everything, Philipp left the tournament satisfied and with a 7th place.

Dennis also showed great performances in his fights. In his first encounter, he was able to win after a good standing and ground fight with a hold from which his opponent could no longer free himself. In the second bout, he also fought hard and continually tried to assert his grip. In the transition from standing to ground, Dennis was the more active of the two. Unfortunately, he was defeated shortly before the end of the fight with an opponent’s rating. In the consolation round, 3rd place was at stake. Here he had to refocus and also showed a nice fight here, which he couldn’t win after two already good fights. He left the tournament with a good 5th place, his best result so far in his first year of competition.

Philipp and Dennis went into their fights with a lot of motivation and fighting spirit. The many intensive training shows its first fruits. The first further developments can be seen in both. Her trainer Charis Teßmer is very happy with the results. Now it is important to gain more competition experience in order to implement what you have learned.


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