[민원24시] ‘Illegal operation for 8 years’ badminton court finally demolished ::::: article

The badminton court, which was built illegally by a basic organization with a budget of hundreds of millions of won eight years ago, has decided to close at the end of this year.

As controversy over the overall safety of the facility arose, it was finally decided to suspend operation after 8 years, and club members who have used it here are appealing for countermeasures.

This is reporter Lee Yong-joo.

Maegok badminton court located next to the hiking trail of Mt. Dongdae in Buk-gu, Ulsan.

Even on a weekday morning, dozens of club members are in full swing at practice.

However, from next month, the Buk-gu Office was notified of the suspension of operation, so it could no longer be used.

This is because this building is an illegal building built on public waters where no sports facilities can be built.

In 2014, the Buk-gu Office cheated as if it were a temporary office and spent 500 million won to build a building.

However, since then, it has been used as a badminton court, and a nearby access road was lost in a typhoon that hit this summer, and controversy over the safety of the facility as a whole arose.

[이재민 / 울산북구청 문화체육과]
“I think preventing disasters and various accidents in a situation where we are vulnerable to various safety accidents is fulfilling our duty as the disaster management agency of our district office.”

The badminton club, which has been consigned to use this building so far, has made good results in various competitions, and is claiming that the club, which is one of the largest clubs in terms of membership, is in danger of being dismantled in the air, and asks the Buk-gu Office to come up with an alternative.

[이갑수 / 매곡배드민턴클럽 고문]
“I hope that the space used by many club members and residents can be moved to a new place so that it can be used continuously.”

The Buk-gu Office replied that it was looking for a way to help the club that had disappeared, but that it was planning to demolish the illegal badminton court.

This is Lee Yong-ju of MBC News.

Video coverage: Jeon Sang-beom


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