“Yes, I smoke drugs on Thanksgiving”

Thanksgiving in the US is the perfect time to spend time with family, fill your stomachs with maddening amounts of food… but also to indulge in original hobbies, for some. One league superstar has revealed that he’s not shy about using drugs on the holiday.

On Thanksgiving night, there’s never an NBA game. The opportunity for the players to take a break in the heart of an intensive season, they who must play 82 games without counting any playoffs. This also allows LeBron James & co. to spend this very important holiday in the United States reunited with their loved ones, whom they rarely see otherwise. But for others, it’s also an opportunity to let loose… in every sense of the word.

As we know, many of the league’s athletes consume cannabis, for example, in particular Kevin Durant who is known to smoke colossal amounts. Obviously, Thanksgiving is the perfect time for him to innovate a little, as he recently revealed during a quick question session with his site. Boardroom. His technique? Filling certain pastries with the psychotropic substance:

Kevin Durant reaffirms his passion for weed

Boardroom : Are you one of those guys who get high at Thanksgiving?

Kevin Durant : Downright.

KD is referring here to space cakes, cakes soaked in weed allowing their consumers to have a “good time” while eating. A technique very popular with American students in particular! What particularly amused Internet users was the absolute frankness with which the Slim Reaper responded, without even thinking about it for a second. Enough to provoke some rather sympathetic reactions:

The guy said “directly” 😂

KD the stoned

A priori, we know exactly how Kevin Durant celebrated Thanksgiving this year. What is certain is that the images of the double champion completely stoned in the streets of Brooklyn could cause a sensation on social networks!



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