World Cup: (almost) mandatory victory for the Red Devils against Croatia

By beating Canada, Croatia joined Morocco at the top of Group F, with four dots. Third with three units, the Red Devils could settle for a draw against Croatia … provided that Canada is a card against Morocco. An unlikely scenario that will force Roberto Martinez and his men to focus solely on victory, this Thursday at 4 p.m. Canada is already eliminated.

In the event of a tie on points, the goal difference is the first deciding criterion, ahead of the number of goals scored and the direct confrontation. Here are the different scenarios for Belgium:

De Bruyne and Batshuayi disappointing: the ratings of the Devils after the defeat against Morocco

The first Red Devils of group F if…

– They beat Croatia while Morocco did no better than a draw against Canada.

The Red Devils second in Group F if…

– They beat Croatia and Morocco beat Canada.

– They draw against Croatia while Morocco loses by four goals against Canada.

– They draw against Croatia, Morocco lose by three goals and they score at least two goals more than Morocco (Examples: the Devils are 2-2 and Morocco lose 3-0. Or 3- 3 and Morocco lose 4-1).

The Red Devils eliminated if…

– They lose against Croatia.

– They draw against Croatia and Morocco takes a point or avoids a too big defeat against Canada.

All World Cup standings:



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