World Cup: A Budweiser warehouse at stake for the winning team

In addition to getting their hands on great honor and a prize of US$42 million, the players of the winning World Cup team will also be able to walk away with tens of thousands of cans of Budweiser beer, as a result of the ban. to sell alcohol around stadiums decreed Friday in Qatar.

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In preparation for the matches, Budweiser had stored pallets full of cases of beer in a warehouse. However, the ban on the sale of alcohol will ultimately prevent him from selling them.

“Well, it’s uncomfortable …”, reacted the company on its Twitter account after the announcement of the ban on Friday, before deleting its tweet.

This was replaced by another tweet announcing that the World Cup-winning country will leave with the stock of beer planned for the event. The number of cans contained in the warehouse was not specified.

More officially, Budweiser reacted on Friday via a spokesperson saying that it had taken note of Qatar’s decision and that it was going to be confirmed.

Only fans with access to VIP tents will be able to obtain alcoholic beverages.

The cost of it also promises to be prohibitive, with around ten euros for a simple beer, AFP reported.

A FIFA partner for three decades, Budweiser is said to have paid around C$63 million to renew its contract for the 2022 World Cup.

The agreement also involved long preparations, including the shipment of beer shipments by boat from the United Kingdom to Qatar, a journey of almost a month according to the British daily “The Sun”.



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