World Cup 2022: scandal headline from Croatian newspaper! Canada coach taunted | Sports

If the game between Croatia and Canada becomes as robust as the banter before it, then it will be a card festival!

Canada’s coach John Herdman (47) let himself be carried away to a “F*** Croatia” after Belgium’s bankruptcy (0:1). On Sunday the Canadians will face the Vice World Champion. British humor?

If it was a joke, the Croatians certainly didn’t find it particularly funny. The newspaper 24 Sata attacks Herdman directly. The cover features a nude photo (photomontage) of the Canada coach. A large maple leaf on his mouth, the maple leaf on his genitals is much smaller.

Scandal headline from Croatian newspaper!

The cover of “24 Sata”


“You have the mouth, but do you also have the balls?” Herdman and his team can prove this on Sunday (5 p.m./live on ZDF, on Magenta TV and in the live ticker). Canada are still waiting for their first goal at a World Cup participation.

In any case, the fact is that the Croatians no longer need any extra motivation. National coach Zlatko Dalic (56) was very upset in the game day PK.

Dalic: “The Croatian team deserves respect from everyone. We have won two World Championship medals since 1998. We are the Vice World Champion. We respect everyone and expect opposing teams to respect us. This way of putting words together is not a sign of respect.”

Herdman, on the other hand, is deliberately relaxed, downplays the matter and takes the photo montage with humor. Herdman: “I have a little bigger belly than in the photo.”

Flick alone at the press conference “We didn’t want to put it on any player”

Herdman found this extremely amusing. Herdman: “My wife will have you guys. I have a little bigger belly than in the photo. I’ve eaten too much.”

Hopefully Canada won’t be eaten up by the Croats. That would be the end of the World Cup for the Canadians.


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