World Cup 2022 in Qatar: player wives yawn affair shakes England Sports

England’s 0-0 draw against the USA on Friday night was a tired kick. But is it allowed to show that as a player’s wife?

England still debating – over the WaterYAWN affair!

The day after the game, several English tabloids published the same photos of the ladies yawning heartily in the stands.

Spotted in the act:

► Georgina Irwin, the fiancee of Aaron Ramsdale.

► Megan Davison, wife of goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

► Anna Modeller, Eric Dier’s fiancee.

► Annie Kilner, wife of Kyle Walker.

Fear of Brazil firecrackers Swiss bus crashes police car!

England’s fans are now discussing the question: was it just the snored kick of their men? Or were the “WAGs” (Wifes and Girlfriends) just bleary-eyed?

So headlined “The Sun”

Foto: The Sun

Because: some of them had it after 6-2 victory of their men against Iran let it rattle properly. At the end of the evening there was a bill of around 23,000 euros for champagne and fine cocktails.

You are not staying in a hotel either, but on the cruise ship “MSC World Europa”, which is anchored off Doha – and where things are a bit more fun-loving than in Qatar’s capital.

The cover of the Daily Mirror

The cover of the Daily Mirror

Photo: Daily Mirror

Guaranteed continuation of the WaterGAEHN affair!

On Tuesday at 8pm European time (10pm local time) England play neighbors Wales. Are the ladies a little fresher?

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