Utah Jazz leads West, Ainge: “Never built NBA team to lose”

The closure of a cycle after eight years with Quin Snyder on the bench, accompanied by farewells to Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell seemed to have condemned the Utah Jazz to a second-tier role. The ranking after a dozen games in the 2022-2023 NBA season appears almost upside down in the eyes of most.

The high notes of the Utah Jazz in this early NBA

Danny Ainge, who helped soften the technical transition, tries to keep a sense of proportion.

Below are the statements reported by Sports Illustrated in a piece by Chris Mannix:

I am pleasantly surprised. Who would say they are bothered by the victories, who could I have ever told, come on. Think about it for a second [in risposta all’ipotesi di tanking per arrivare a Wembanyama ndr.] I have been accused in the past of building teams to lose. It was never true. […] The fact that such an effective amalgam was found so early is funny. I think they all share the enthusiasm. We are trying to put together a team for today and the future. [Record sostenibile?] We will see.”

The executive remained rather buttoned up in the face of specific questions about short and medium-term plans:

“We will be opportunists. I don’t feel like excluding anything, we can combine many things with the choices we have. “

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