This is how it goes in the Champions League

Spure excitement on the last day of the match in group D of the Champions League. All four clubs – leaders Tottenham (8 points), second Sporting Lisbon (7), third Eintracht Frankfurt (7) and current group bottom Olympique Marseille (6) – can still be group winners at the end of the group phase – or in the worst case even drop out of the premier class.

The final places one and two entitle to participate in the round of 16 of the Champions League. Third place takes the club in question into the Europa League. And fourth place means retiring from international business.

Frankfurt Eintracht would move up from third to first place in the final standings and lead the group for the first time after the final round if they won in Lisbon this Tuesday (9 p.m. in the FAZ live ticker for the Champions League and on DAZN). At the same time, Tottenham are unlikely to be successful in Marseille. Should the English prevail over the French, however, the Hessians would end up in second place even if they won in Lisbon. Either way: Eintracht would only be represented in the Champions League at the beginning of next year if they were successful in Lisbon.

Coach Oliver Glasner’s team would be third in the group if they ended the game with a draw against the Portuguese. In addition, for this constellation to come about, Marseille must not win against Tottenham. Third place would also result in a loss in Lisbon if Marseille didn’t win against Tottenham.

Eintracht threatens a novelty

Frankfurt would take the thankless fourth place if they drew against Sporting and Marseille won against Tottenham. The same applies if Frankfurt fails in Lisbon if Marseille wins against Tottenham.



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