The viral moment went unnoticed between LeBron and Westbrook after the controversy!

Even if their agreement is not perfect on a basketball court, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook showed great things against the Spurs this Saturday evening. A meeting marked by the bleeding of the leader, but not only. The two Lakers stars also had a great moment of complicity on the floor.

5 wins in 6 games: the Lakers have found a smile again following the latest results. Not enough to jump to the ceiling either for the teammates of LeBron James, who still have a lot of work to catch up. We can also point out that their calendar is a little more lenient to end this month of November. Like three confrontations against the Spurs, among the worst students in this league, the Purple and Gold have the opportunity to recover.

Russell Westbrook defended by LeBron James

However, the last match was much more hectic than expected, as evidenced by Westbrook’s bloodied face after a shock in the racket. A turning point in the match, since his opponent was ejected from the game by the referees. A choice very far from being unanimous among the supporters. It’s quite the opposite when addressing the behavior of LeBron, who quickly defended his teammate.

There’s no questioning Brodie’s tenacity 💪

The King showed that he got along perfectly with Westbrook during this streak, which has sometimes been questioned in the past. It is still necessary that the two men manage to find themselves on the floor, but it is certainly a start for the Lakers. The fact of the match took place just a few minutes before during an impressive action.

Before Westbrook finished in blood, shortly before half-time, the point guard served the Chosen One to perfection for a sensational dunk. A much too rare sequence, and almost went unnoticed following the altercation after returning from the locker room:

Between this dunk and the confusion with Zach Collins, we can see that LeBron James and Russell Westbrook communicate a little better on the floor this season. It will take a lot more to reassure the supporters, but it’s a start in Los Angeles. We will follow this closely.



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