The Sunday of the Asturians of Second RFEF: chronicles, scores and images

Compostela 4

Aviles 0

Compostela: Duck (1); Crespo (2), Samu (1), Mario (2), Riki (2), Damián, Fer Beltrán (2), Darío (3), Kike (1), Antas (2) and Jordan (1).

Subs: Parapar (1) for Mario, min. 62. Cano (2) by Jordan, min. 72. Elliot (1) by Dario, min. 80.

Aviles: Saldana (2); Jonxa (1), Fontán (1), Edu Cortina (1), Espina (2); Orfila (3), Javi Rey (1), Primo (2), Morcillo (1); Sergio (1) and Ros (2).

Changes: Fernández (1) for Jonxa, min. 46. ​​Natalio (1) for Espina, min. 58. Alorda (1) by Fontán (1), min. 73. Guram (sc) by Morcillo, min. 79.

Goals: 1-0, min. 3: Dario. 2-0 min. 73: Dario. 3-0 min. 79: Dario. 4-0 min. 91: Jorge Cano.

Referee: Saiz Pérez (Cantabrian). He admonished the locals Pablo Crespo, Darío and Samu; and to the visitors Isi Ros and Pedro Orfila.

True Blowjob.

Avilés returned to the path of defeat yesterday after falling at the Vero Boquete against a Compostela team that took all three points thanks to a hat-trick from Darío. Very soon the Asturian team received the punishment of the goal, which did not know how to take advantage of its moments of dominance in both parts to materialize the tie and ended up being thrashed by a resounding 4-0.

Compostela took control of the first minutes and managed to materialize their second chance through Darío. Avilés had their options, but they were blunt in attack. The break came with a minimal advantage for the locals, but just as it happened in the first half, Compostela once again took control in the closing stages and managed to create a lot of danger on both flanks. A shot from outside the area by Jordan was rejected by a defender and allowed Darío to score the second at will and the near sentence for the Galicians.

With a very touched Real Avilés, Fabiano’s pupils scored the third. It was again Darío, with a shot to the far post from a ball from the right, who achieved his particular hat-trick to seal a clash in which Compostela would still score one more goal, through Jorge Cano in discount after beating a lazy Saldaña and leave Avilés very touched.

The Real Avilés coach was concerned after his team’s defeat against Compostela (4-0). “The start has been the key to the game, we came with the intention of being brave and competing, but we have shown ourselves to be a team without grit, without tension and without ambition, conceding a lot to the rival,” said Emilio Cañedo, self-critical and without put hot cloths to the setback received in Galician lands.

«The mentality must be completely different. We have to go to win everywhere, and here we have not had personality, “explained Cañedo.

Regarding the goals conceded, the Avilés coach lamented for not “being involved in the game.” He analyzed it like this. «We have been harassing in the second half, but we have missed occasions that cannot be missed, you have to be aggressive because here nobody gives you anything and at the minimum you get a goal against. If we want to opt for better positions, we shouldn’t concede so many things in the games”, concluded the coach of the Asturian team after one of the toughest defeats of the season.

The Langreo scratches a point at the end

langreo 1

Bergantiños 1

Langreo: Adrian Torre (2); Juanpe (2), Alain (2), Gonzalo (2), Nico Hevia (2); Omar (1), David Iglesias (2), Samba (3), Joselu (1), Poveda (1) and Óscar Fernández (1).

Team: David Sánchez (1) for Joselu, min. 58. Davo (1) by Óscar Fernández, min. 58. Mikel Arzayu (2) by David Iglesias, min. 72. Jorge Hernández (sc) pr Poveda, min. 82. Chus Ruiz (sc) by Juanpe, min. 82.

Bergantiños: Alex Cobo (2); Palomares (1), Meixus (2), Tomé (2), Alberto (1); Uzal (2), Remeseiro (2), Pacheco (1), Boedo (1), Adri (2) and Carlos López (2).

Changes: Iván Garrido (1) for Boedo, min. 60. Dieguito (1) by Adri, min. 60. Agullo (1) by Pacheco, min. 72. Antón (1) by Carlos López, min. 72. Brunet (sc) by Remeseiro, min. 82.

Goals: 0-1, min. 47: Adrian. 1-1 min. 93: Mikel Arzayu, de penalty.

Referee: Ruiz Rabanal (Basque committee). He admonished the locals Gonzalo, Samba and Joselu and the visitor Uzal.

Ganzábal: 600 spectators.

Langreo scratched a draw at discount and from a penalty against Bergantiños (1-1) in the debut of Javi Vázquez on the Langreano bench. The local team showed a slight improvement in the defensive aspect, by playing with three center-backs, for which they controlled very well the approaches to the area of ​​striker Carlos López, who was off the hook in Bergantiños’ attack and had a good left foot and exquisite touch of the ball up front . This player, despite the strong marking, was a real nightmare for the Langreans every time he received the ball with a certain advantage and he showed it in the 10th minute, when he shot with his right foot and Adrián Torre deflected a great corner kick intervention.

El Langreo enjoyed a chance through David Iglesias, but his shots found no door. In the second half, Langreo, barely establishing themselves on the field, conceded the first goal when Carlos López stole a ball, went down the left wing and crossed past so that Adri, coming from behind and unmarked, hit with the right to Adrián Torre. There were barely two minutes.

Langreo then changed their way of playing and began to do so with long balls behind the Bergantiños defense, where Davo and Poveda fixed the central defenders. The Asturians began to have more arrivals in the rival area and the changes of Javi Vázquez gave the local team more bite.

When it seemed that the game was headed for the visiting victory, a handball from a Bergantiños defender inside the area was declared the maximum penalty after a racket by several players.

Mikel Arzayu launched with his right foot and at mid-height he beat Álex Cobo, setting the tie. With no time for more, the referee whistled the end and Langreo scratched a point after a game that had been uphill from the beginning of the second half and left half a smile on the public, very pending the debut of the new coach.

The Langreo coach, Javi Vázquez, made his coaching debut yesterday against Bergantiños and said that “there are many things that I liked, but we need time to consolidate aspects of the game that are new and with the ball we have lacked a lot of calm.” The coach regretted the first goal conceded but applauded the “high intensity of the team and the ambition of wanting to go for the game.”

Physical waste of the Marine, who takes a tie

Marino     0

Palencia 0

Marine: Buru (1); Borja (2), Trabanco (3), Miguel Prado (3), Dailos (3); Nacho Matador (3), Ben Hamed (2), Nino (3); Óscar Fernández (3), Isma Fagir (2) and Jairo Cárcaba (2).

Changes: Lora (2) for Ben Hamed, min. 50. Adolfo (1) by Dailos, min. 74. Luis Nuño (1) by Óscar Fernández, min. 74. Guille Pinín (sc) by Nacho Matador, min. 83. Julio Delgado (sc) by Nino, min. 83.

Palencia: Guille (1); Montes (2), Abel (3), Mingotes (3), Carlos Cobo (2); Israel (3), Abel Rabbit (2); Ale (3), Diego González (2), Rafa Gómez (2) and Adri Castro (2).

Changes: Adri Herrera (2) for Ale, min. 64. Ayllon (1) by Rafa Gómez, min. 64. Raúl Arroyo (1) by Diego González, min. 71. Duke (sc) by Adri Castro, min. 80. Radjel (sc) by Abel Conejo, min. 80.

Referee: López Vila (Galician committee). He admonished the visitor Carlos Cobo.

Miramar: 425 spectators.

The inclement weather, with the rain falling in Miramar throughout the week, conditioned the game played yesterday against Marino and Palencia (0-0). The local team entered the game very well and created two clear scoring chances in the first minutes. In minute 8, a corner kick taken by Nacho Matador was finished off by Isma Fagir with a header at the far post, deflecting Carlos Cobo on the same goal line and preventing Marino’s first goal.

With the positive inertia, Manel’s team caused another goal play in a steal of the ball from Óscar in the midfield, which opened up to the left wing and Isma Fagir crossed from the end. It was Jairo Cárcaba who finished off, touching the post of the Palencia goal. Shortly after, Nacho Matador tried with a long shot that was saved by goalkeeper Guille. In the final stretch of the first half, Palencia advanced the lines and enjoyed a clear goal chance in an arrival in which Diego González touched his heel and Ale’s powerful left-footed shot on the edge of the area was deflected by Buru for a corner in a great intervention . After the break there was more of the same: both teams used the long delivery, but the winter afternoon did not allow fluid play in the center of the field. Despite the fact that the chances of scoring were few, it is worth noting the physical waste of all the protagonists of the match.

In the 62nd minute, a good cross from Nacho Matador, who was looking for Óscar, was deflected by Abel Pascual for a corner on a very close clearance.

Shortly after two good crosses by Óscar from the right wing, who were looking for Fajir, again ended up in a corner. In minute 72 it was Trabanco who managed to finish off a free kick by Nacho Matador with a header, but the ball went over the crossbar.

A minute later, the central defender himself unleashed a great shot from 35 meters that brushed the post in an action that was highly applauded by the local fans. Marino’s last clear chance came in the discount of the game after a cross from Borja that Isma Fagir combed with his head. Luis Nuño overcame the Palencia defense and his shot was stopped by the visiting goalkeeper in what was the last option of the match. Palencia showed why it is one of the least thrashed teams in the entire category and Marino’s physical waste did not find results, hence the distribution of points.

Manel Menéndez, Marino de Luanco’s coach, said after his team’s tie that “Palencia has very few goals against and we expected a game like this, also marked by time, since the field was not good.” The Marino coach congratulated his players for their attitude and said he was “happy with the effort and the work, although we haven’t won for another day, but we shouldn’t back down on what we’re doing.” Manel described the tie as “fair” and assured that there came a time when the field was “impracticable” and we had to play football “like before.” Manel confidently assured that “they did everything to win.”



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