The rewards fall at the Escal-Aïkido dojo, avenue de Lodève

The club which celebrates its twenty-two years this year has just seen its teachers rewarded.

The season started under good auspices at the dojo on Avenue de Lodève, Escal-Aïkido. Indeed, teachers Jean-Jacques Cheymol

and Olivier Devaux were rewarded by obtaining their sixth and fourth dan black belts respectively.

The duettists have trained many people in the practice of this martial art within this same dojo. Japanese, aikido is an art that is practiced without competition. This allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

Regular practice promotes the development of concentration, strengthens the muscular and articular system as well as the cardiovascular system. The techniques of this discipline also promote mastery of gestures, self-control and respect for partners.

Whether it is a gentle practice through Aïkitaiso (it represents all the preparatory exercises for the practice of martial arts and aikido in particular) for seniors, or a more sporty practice , the atmosphere is both studious and friendly. And this year, the club celebrates its twenty-two years.

But aikido also aims at harmonizing man with his environment. His philosophy does not aim to destroy but to make the adversary aware that continuing his attack is useless and could only lead to his own loss.

Jean-Jacques Cheymol is now the correspondent of our title for the Cévennes-Alco district.



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