The “progressive” opening of the ‘Díaz-Flor’ pavilion

The “progressive” opening of the ‘Díaz-Flor’ pavilion

The sports complex José Ramón López Díaz-Flor Sports Complex will “progressively” take center stage in the sporting activity of the city. After its “precipitated” inauguration due to the start of the water polo league championship, the facility will add practices outside the pool. From this Thursday, at 7 in the morning, you can practice free swimming and, this afternoon, it will be the badminton and volleyball schools that ‘open’ the sports court. They will be followed by handball, to give way, during the weekend, to the dispute of some matches of lower categories of futsal.

As the manager of the ICD, Araceli García, explained at a press conference, the facility will gradually add activities. One of the next to be released will be the gym, which does not have a date for its opening since the machinery is in the bidding phase. Once hired, it will start working.

The official inauguration will be on December 1, when there will be a visit from José Ramón López Díaz Flor, who will be in the city to participate in the Sports Gala.

free swimming

One of the novelties that Araceli García has announced is that free swimming at the Miramar facility can be practiced from 7 in the morning and that the passes can be used both in the ‘Díaz-Flor’ pool and in the ‘Guillermo Molina’ after the relevant street and time reservation, with a minimum notice of 24 hours. A procedure that has to be carried out through the ICD website.


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