The PED 2022 is delivered this Sunday

The edition of State Sports Award 2022 will return this Sunday to the monument to the Revolution, where they will decorate Uriel Gómeztagle Ballesteros, Zeltzin Hernandez Guerra y Paulina Garnica Christmas Eve.

The three athletes mentioned, representatives of taekwondo, associated wrestling and judo, were chosen from more than 20 candidates.

Gómeztagle was one of the most outstanding in his discipline, being the first from Hidalgo to qualify for the 2023 Pan American Games, among other international achievements that he accumulated in his record.

In the case of Zel y Pauthey had a similar curriculum, which gave them the State Sports Award, since both were medalists in the first Junior Pan American Games 2022, as well as another couple of awards in continental competitions in their discipline.

In the case of all three, this will be their first distinction, which confirms the generational change in the entity, with exponents who take the baton from some retired athletes and others who live their last active years.

In the case of the first mentioned, it represents the first recognition for their discipline in the last 15 years, while Hernández and Garnica maintain associated wrestling and judo, respectively, as top disciplines in the entity.

As for the ceremony, in addition to returning to its traditional venue, it will also be face-to-face again, after two years in which the State Sports Award privately.

Finally, mention that the event will be headed by Julio Ramon Menchaca SalazarGovernor of Hidalgo, and Cucumber Isidro Caves Gonzalezdirector of the Hidalgo Sports Institute (Inhide).

Alejandro Velazquez I Pachuca



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