The Obstacles Race Buthiers for young and old

The Obstacles Race Buthiers (ORB) arrives this Sunday at the island of lоіsіrs in Buthіеrs (Seine-et-Marne). Young and old can take part in the event.

Obstacle races are once again at the party in Seine-et-Marne. After the Mudgirl last September at the Jablines-Annet leisure centre, it is the turn of the Buthiers leisure island to host the Obstacles Race Buthiers (ORB). An 8-kilometre course awaits the participants, many of whom should turn up at the start of this course d’obstacles.

23 obstacles will be strewn throughout the event. A 1m50 palisade, small tires, a vertical net, zwall, ramping, a 2m50 palisade, tractor tires and side nets will be present. The athletes will then find a rope climb, bucket carry, medium-to-wear tires, cheese board, an insane low ring, upside down, a special multi wheel, a memory code, a gibbon twister, an atlas, a cave, a multirig ball, a multi combo HCT, wristband penalties and a mud-filled pool crossing will sparse the Obstacles Race Buthiers. A very sporty course awaits the participants.

Accessible to both children and adults

The particularity of the Obstacles Race Buthiers lies in its accessibility. This sporting event is open to both adults and children, who must be accompanied to complete the entire circuit. The same applies to athletes, whether experienced, intermediate or amateur. In addition, it is perfectly possible to take part in the race in disguise.

At the end of the Obstacles Race Buthiers, each competitor will be entitled to an end-of-course refreshment. Added to this is a medal for all participants, as well as access to the spa, with cold or hot shower. Good humor, friendliness, sharing, the pleasure of participating and surpassing oneself will certainly punctuate this sporting event.


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