The most valuable point to consolidate an “idea”


Communion between players and fans at the new Gosbi store in Girona
Marc Martí

Now that it was setting earlier, the sun was already shining when the fans, little by little, were congregating at the door of the store. Gosbi, main sponsor of Girona, opens a new establishment in the city. The perfect excuse to bring people and footballers together. If Tuesday was an open-door practice at the stadium, yesterday the event was a little more focused on small committee, but the fans responded. Sunday’s tie at the Bernabéu has sparked joy in the environment, quite doubtful until four days ago, when the results did not go well and the feelings went down. Arnau Martínez and Paulo Gazzaniga, two names typical of the current white-and-red, let themselves fall around the venue. Reason enough to stick your head out, take some photos and take home a signature, a good memory. Dozens of fans, after patiently waiting in line, enjoyed the opportunity to speak face-to-face with the goalkeeper and defense. La Canya was watching them closely. The official dog of Girona did not miss any detail from the background. He received the caresses without complaining at all.

Gazzaniga and Arnau received the warmth of theirs. Words of encouragement and also of gratitude for the match against Real Madrid. Lots of congratulations, and the keeper did it with gusto. In the shadow of Juan Carlos during the first days, the award for good work has recently arrived. He started against Osasuna and seven days later became one of the heroes at the Bernabéu, with meritorious saves that largely explain the final draw (1-1). “We are happy with the point we scored in Madrid and we hope it will give us confidence. At the end of the day, it’s just a point, but everything that adds up is always important.” The Argentine took a couple of minutes to offer his point of view. Satisfied with the last result, he wanted to remember that the season is still long and there is work to be done, especially now that there are two games left (Athletic and Elx) before the competition stops for the World Cup in Qatar. “We prefer to go game by game, always keeping our idea. We will continue with it, showing that this is the right way. The tie the other day proves us right and shows us what our philosophy is and what we know how to do.”

And from the collective to the most individual section. He arrived just as the summer market was closing and spent a few days on the bench, until Míchel gave him the alternative. He couldn’t wear medals, nor did he show himself exultant. Peaceful and serene, as it is on the lawn. “It’s all the result of work, day by day. I’ve been lucky enough to play and now what I want is to continue adding for the good of the team, waiting for what the coach decides». He also remembered that if he had signed for Girona it had been “to compete” and “to work at one hundred percent”, so now they were “seeing the results”. He spoke of a “healthy competition” in goal and also in the whole team. Iva even had words for Juan Carlos, now substitute: “He is a great guy, a very good colleague and at the same time a great professional”. Gazzaniga will play against Athletic tomorrow. That’s for sure. The fans, some of those who came to the store yesterday and many others, will be cheering from the stands while hoping to make the point of the Bernabéu good.


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