The management of the archery field was entrusted to the ‘Arcieri Imperiesi San Camillo’ for 10 years –

Entrust the management of the sports facility archery you you Baité region, in Imperia, to the amateur sports association ‘Archers of Imperia San Camillo’. Approved then the agreement with the City which provides cleaning costs to be paid by the manager, custody, ordinary maintenance, all utilities and the Tari in addition to the payment of a flat-rate annual fee of 100 euros, VAT excluded.

Last May the institution had starts a market survey addressed to the economic operators to be invited to the negotiated procedure for the assignment in management of the plant. Were allowed to participate the procedure applies to amateur sports clubs and associations, sports promotion bodies, associated sports disciplines and national sports federations.

Only ‘San Camillo’ responded to the notice and from the documentation received it has been ascertained that it is a ‘qualified’ subject as the company exclusively carries out archery activities and is affiliated with ‘Fitarco’, which is in turn affiliated with Coni. The discipline practiced is then prepared and compatible for young people, disabled people and the elderly; the Asd has been present in the area for over 43 years and boasts many national level sports results such as several individual and team Italian champion titles and numerous prestigious placings.

The association then it has hosted the Italian national team several times in preparation for international level events and every year, in collaboration with other entities, it organizes the ”Educamp” in the months from June to August, a project that involves several hundred young people. In the end, has about 70 members, most of which carry out competitive activities.



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