“The Davis Cup does not matter to anyone”

The reform of the Davis Cup format brought a thousand and one criticisms. But the tennis world rumbles when the main actors speak, as is the case of a player. Taylor Fritz left a strong reflection that shows a rising malaise within the circuit.

“It’s always an honor to represent my country, but after a whole year traveling and playing the ATP Finals it’s not easy. I got engaged to Mardy (Fish), gave him my word and I’m here but I don’t think anyone really cares. what we do Every year we have the ambition to win it, regardless of the media relevance it has. Possibly the only way to make this tournament matter to people is to win it at some point,” he asserted.

Losing in the quarterfinals to Italy was a huge disappointment and the bitterness in the words of the Top 10 Americans reveals a certain disgust with this competition.



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