The CB IES La Orden attacks the FESBA for the ‘Abián case’

The Badminton Club IES La Orden considers that the decision adopted by the Spanish Badminton Federation (FESBA) to leave Pablo Abian outside of the call for the National selection for him European Mixed Team Championshipit is unfair and discriminatory”.

In an official statement, the Huelva club complaintthe lack of objective criteria to leave the albiazul volante out of the competition, who revalidated the title of Champion of Spain in May, won the Mediterranean Games in June and has not lost to a Spanish player in 16 years”.

Pablo Abián with the IES La Orden.

Merits that, according to the facts, are not enough to be summoned by the national team”, the irony in his note IES The Order. “It is totally incomprehensible that the best national player is not present in this call. Not only is it unfair to Pablo Abián, it is detrimental to all of Spanish badminton”.

Finally, the albiazul team reveals “the discriminatory treatment suffered by Abián by FESBA, who has not processed their scholarship application at the CAR Joaquín Blume in the last two years -despite meeting all the established criteria-, depriving him of the necessary means to train at the highest level”.



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