Tennis rejects the proposal of its International to engulf paddle tennis

The advancement of paddle tennis as a sport is being observed with suspicion in some international organizations, who see how the padel sports industry is a serious competitor, because in some countries, for example, more cans of paddle tennis balls are already sold than tennis balls, for example. The International Tennis Federation seems to be attending with concern that a competitor has emerged in a game with a racket or shovel that begins to make unexpected competition, and that in its shadow attracts other incipient sports. For this reason, at the Glasgow world assembly, he raised the possibility of assuming control of paddle tennis globally, taking into account that currently many national tennis federations are the ones that give full autonomous support to the organization of paddle tennis in their respective countries..

For the FIP (International Padel Federation) it was a kind of hostile takeover bid, but in a public statement he congratulates himself on the fact that the national federations have rejected the IFT proposalwith which they allow the growth of paddle tennis independently, without entering into conflicts, and avoiding an international clash and, somehow, that tennis would engulf paddle tennis for fear of losing its hegemony.

In the month of August, in Madrid, Luigi Carraro, president of the Padel International, declared that his organization maintained a clear expansion in the number of member countries, and to the question that he was admitting members that were sections of national tennis federations, the Italian answered: “We are not going to discuss how a state decides the government of its sport. What we do ask of each country that wants to join the FIP is that, regardless of whether or not it is located in one or the other federation, its national padel has its own budgets and economy, which is independent in that aspect.

With more than thirty years of history, the FIP, with Spain among the promoters of its creation, expected to end the year 2022 with more than seventy associations of national countries in a season that has launched an international circuit with the collaboration of the Association of Professional Players, and with high level tournaments in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.



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