Tennis: DTB would involve Boris Becker – Vice Hordorff: “Choose a job”

Tennis DTB Vice Dirk Hordorff

“Boris Becker can choose his job”

“Lawyers have allegedly made a deal with UK prosecutors”

Ex-tennis star Boris Becker could soon be deported to Germany, according to a report in the British newspaper “Sun”. In order to relieve British prisons, the 54-year-old was admitted to an accelerated procedure.

Boris Becker has been serving his prison sentence in England since April. He is actually sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Nevertheless, the Vice President of the DTB offers him a job license. And it could actually be quick.

Ddouble good news for Boris Becker. The three-time Wimbledon winner, who has been in a British prison since April 29, 2022, can hope for a job with the German Tennis Association. And possibly very soon.

Dirk Hordorff, Vice President of the DTB, has now revealed this to Sport Bild: “Once he has served his sentence, there is nothing to prevent him from taking up a position again. (…) The doors at the DTB are always open to Boris Becker.” The German tennis legend was already the “Head of Men’s Tennis” for the association from 2017 to 2020. And convinced those responsible. “He did that in an exemplary manner. At the Davis Cup in Valencia, he was the first on the course and deducted the pitch for the players. He put his heart and soul into it. And his appeal for German tennis is still enormous,” enthuses Hordorff.

Will Boris Becker be released at Christmas?

London’s Southwark Crown Court has sentenced the three-time Wimbledon winner to two and a half years in prison for concealing millions in assets from his insolvency administrators. Now it is said that he will be released and deported to Germany.

For the choice of future employment, the DTB vice even issues a kind of carte blanche: “I can imagine a lot for Boris: Head of Men’s Tennis, representative, executive committee or whatever. To put it bluntly: Boris can choose his job!”

Celebrity lawyer gives hope for early release

There is even the possibility that Becker and the German Tennis Association may not have to wait until the end of October 2024 – when the prison sentence officially expires. Recently, the English daily newspaper “Sun” fueled rumors that the 55-year-old could spend Christmas in Germany. “In England there are special programs that enable immediate deportation to the home country of the convict. Regardless of how much of the sentence that has been imposed has already been served,” says lawyer Paul Vogel.

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If things go really well for Becker, he could be a free man again in the foreseeable future. “In Germany, Boris Becker can do whatever he wants,” said Vogel. In this case, nothing would stand in the way of employment at the DTB, which is why its Vice President Hordorff concludes almost pathetically: “You can’t let him do penance for the rest of his life. Boris is part of the German tennis family. And the job of a family is to hug each member again.”


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