Soccer clubs: list of those with the highest income in 2021 | Trends

The most recent report of the Superintendency of Companies showed what are the soccer clubs in Colombia that had the highest income during 2021. The investigation revealed an increase in their earnings.

The list heads it Atletico Nacional S.A.., who increased his income from items such as participation in tournaments, being champion of the Colombia Cup, box offices, and the increase in his income from sponsorships and advertising.

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In total, it had revenues of 58.9 billion pesos.

Then follows the Junior People’s Sports Club which had an increase in revenues of 4.4 billion pesos and a share of total revenues
of all the 33 Football Clubs of 11.0%. In total it had profits of 42.6 billion pesos.

Third is millionaires which registered a recovery of its income mainly from box office and subscriptions (143%), sale of sporting goods (79%), and advertising and sponsorship (63%).

The white and blue team received no income from participation in tournaments. He obtained a total of 32.6 billion pesos.

He has fourth place Independent Santa Fe with revenues of 28.5 billion pesos. That is, an increase of 15.1 billion pesos compared to what was registered in 2020.

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After America of Cali which presented losses and had income of 25.8 billion later. follows him Deportivo Cali with an important growth that made it consolidate with revenues of 22.1 billion pesos.

In seventh place is Sports Tolima with revenues of 21.9 billion pesos and El equipo del Pueblo with 21.3 billion pesos. He has ninth place Equity with 15.9 billion pesos and the tenth Once Caldas with 9.9 billion pesos.

The Soccer Clubs that greatly increased their income, showing a recovery in collections in the face of the perceived crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the restriction on national competition, was evidenced in clubs such as: Leones FC, Llaneros, Club Boca Juniors de Cali, Atlético Nacional, Deportes Quindío, Santafé and Patriotas.

However, the largest share of total income is rrepresented in the
television rights Dimayor with 32.6%
which presented an increase of $44 billion.

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This is followed by advertising and sponsorship, followed by box office receipts and subscriptions. Likewise, in 2021, the losses that the clubs came with in 2020 decreased, an amount that went from -$55.5 billion to -$36.0 billion, equivalent to 35.2% less loss.



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