Report Cards Milan Fiorentina 2-1 | Milan Night

During the presentation I assumed that it wouldn’t be an easy game, and unfortunately the reality turned out to be even worse than expected.

A tonic Fiorentina, aggressive across the pitch, with a very high defensive line and ready to accept Piolesco-style one-on-ones put us in great difficulty, especially in the first half when after Leao’s opening goal we no longer found the end of the skein.

This stop is blessed because it remedies a physical and nervous fatigue of the team, which retains a splendid ability to fight for every ball up to the last second but denotes an evident difficulty from an athletic point of view, glaring in the many lost tackles and in the perpetual delay on all second balls.

Yet despite everything we won, with a little luck of course, but we know that luck favors those who are able to knock on its door… the most positive aspect is that we have overcome an evident period of clouding, which has lasted for about a month, leaving all in all a few points on the road and passing the Champions League group.

So cheer up, another championship begins in January and in the end, although distanced, we still start from the front row, verdicts already written could also be overturned because the championships are won in April and May, not in November.

Tatarusanu: 6+ Apart from the hindrances in restarting the action from the bottom, all in all a positive game, with the flicker of removing a suicide attempt by Kalulu from the corner

Rabbit: 5.5 A first half in obvious difficulty, often put in the middle by the incursions of Biraghi and Saponara, better in the second half when he returns to the center restoring tranquility also to Tomori

Thiaw: 5,5 Beyond the unfortunate detour on Barak’s shot, what I didn’t like very much is his obvious difficulty in setting up with the ball at his feet, from this point of view he has to work really hard because it seemed quite rough

Dest: 7 First truly satisfying performance of the stars and stripes Sergino, he enters the field without any fear showing good technical skills and great personality, we hope it will be the beginning of a journey

Tomori: 7+ (best) The vote is the average between a first half played by a frenzied pippone and a second half in which he returns to show ability as a world-class defender (not surprisingly with Kalulu at his side), a decisive save on Ikoné launched on the net (but what a risk!) and a fantastic save on the line from a safe shot by the same viola winger

Theo Hernandez: 6 He fights, runs and starts again but Ikoné’s speed suffers badly, which puts him in great difficulty in more than one circumstance

Bennacer: 5,5 He arrives at the belay with his tongue sticking out, tries to get by with the job but it turns out that the engine revs are not the usual ones

Tonals: 5.5 Copy and paste with his team mate, Sandrino is also on the legs and shines through in full evidence in the tackle lost in the middle of the area from which the Viola goal was born

Rebic: SV A few minutes on the pitch, enough to distribute a few kicks here and there and to detach in front of Terracciano leading him to make a mistake

Diaz: 6- Some good points in speed and great application to the schemes, even if sometimes he fiddles with carrying a little too much ball and does not materialize an action that looked like a goal scored

Origi: 5 Did he enter?

Krunick: 5 The comparison with tonight’s Amrabat is merciless, as much as Rade tries to stem him, the Moroccan central player stands as the absolute protagonist across the board, if it were up to me I would buy him tonight

Vrankx: 7 Bravo Aster, as Dest takes advantage of the chance Pioli gave him (finally!) showing that he has cazzimma and good technique, his is the cross from which the winning goal was born after time expired

Leo: 5.5 The vote may seem disrespectful for the splendidly crafted goal he scores in the opening or for some good ideas on the wing but it certifies a not entirely positive judgment for his performance and for some attitudes, many wrong choices and the superficiality with which he shoots to the first blue an inviting ball in the final minutes are unacceptable for a world-class player (or presumed such?)

Giroud: 6.5 The highway that opens up to Leao on the first goal and the sacrifice and self-denial that he puts on the field for the entire 95 minutes is beautiful, a pity for that scissor cut that would have put an end to the debate on the demolition of San Siro

Pegs: 6 In a moment of great difficulty he finally finds the courage to throw fresh forces onto the field from the bench receiving comforting answers, his proactive way of always playing it and accepting one-on-one in every area of ​​the field always produce enjoyable games, but for the coronaries of the Rossoneri fans it would not hurt to find some tactical alternative a little more balanced than the canonical score




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