Red Devils LIVE – De Bruyne: “Sometimes I get annoyed, but it’s important not to show it” | Red Devils

The Red Devils have their first three points at this World Cup. Morocco is the next assignment on Sunday at 2 pm. Follow the news from the Belgian camp here.


  1. 12 o’clock . The press conference is over. The doors of the Belgians’ training complex will open between 13:00 and 13:15. We may get a glimpse of Romelu Lukaku there. .
  2. 11:58 am. Is my career moving too fast? Everything is predestined. The move to the Premier League was a logical step. Amadou Onana.
  3. 11:56 am. That people compare me to Marouane Fellaini? That’s just a compliment. I get the comparison, but I just want to be the best part of myself. I’m 21, I still have a lot to learn. Being able to play with Kevin, Eden, Romelu… is a gift. Amadou Onana.
  4. 11am 54. Onana on his midfield role. “I think I can play with both Witsel and Tielemans,” he says. “Axel has a lot of experience and gives a lot of advice, which makes things easier for me. I can fulfill my box-to-box role. I’ve gained a lot physically since I’ve been playing in the Premier League.” .
  5. 11:52 am. Or should I start? I’m lucky I’m not a coach. (laughs) That’s a question for the coach. Every player has his quality, but my quality lies in the physical, I can teach that to the team. Amadou Onana.
  6. 11:51 am. Am I not afraid of anything? That’s true. I have a crazy drive in me. If I get the chance to play a World Cup… it doesn’t get any better than that. I want to take my chance every second I’m on the field. Amadou Onana.
  7. 11:50 am. Amadou Onana fills Kevin De Bruyne’s empty chair and immediately opens with a greeting in three languages. .
  8. 11:49 am. Eden Hazard is getting better. He has had a difficult period, but his sharpness is coming back. He can be important to us. Whether I am the star of the team? I can’t do it alone, all 26 players here have their baggage and qualities. . Kevin De Bruyne.
  9. 11h47. Lukaku’s return would be a boost for us. Someone so clinical gives us extra options. Romelu hasn’t played for a while, but even if he can get off the bench he can frighten the opposition. . Kevin De Bruyne.
  10. 11:46. We need to be braver and show more quality on the ball. I myself played on the team level against Canada: below average. Showing fighting spirit is a minimum, we have to show that against Morocco. Kevin De Bruyne.
  11. 11:44 am. De Bruyne expects strong Morocco. “There are no bad teams at the World Cup. Morocco has a good team, I know almost all the basic players, almost all of whom play in major competitions,” says De Bruyne. “I know that there are still tough group matches ahead of us.” .
  12. 11:39 am. We had a meeting with the team last night to analyze the match. We didn’t try to play enough football in possession. There was room, but we didn’t find it. . Kevin De Bruyne.
  13. 11:37 am I know that my reactions are not good at times, I am a perfectionist. I myself also look for moments to find that peace, I also talk about it with people around me. But people also know that I do that to help the team play better. Emotions come up every now and then, but that’s a working point of myself as a person. Kevin De Bruyne.
  14. 11:36 am. I get where the criticism of our game comes from. We can do better. But the system is a choice of the trainer: it is up to us to follow that plan as best we can. Kevin De Bruyne.
  15. 11:35am. De Bruyne wary of Spain. “It is clear that Spain has started very well,” says KDB. “Do we want to play against them? Preferably as late as possible. We will have to run a lot against them. Spain has been playing with the same philosophy for twenty years.” .
  16. 11:34. Romelu Lukaku is not crucial to our game, but it’s true that we don’t have another striker of his calibre. But Michy is doing very well for us. Kevin De Bruyne.
  17. 11:33. We can’t play in Belgium like Man.City, we’ve been playing in the same system there for 7 years. Do I sometimes get annoyed that things are not going so well in Belgium? Yes, but it’s up to me to show that less. Kevin De Bruyne.
  18. 11:31 am. De Bruyne is the first to speak. .
  19. 11 a.m. 10. De Bruyne and Onana will speak later. Yesterday Roberto Martinez spoke to the press, today it’s back to the players. Kevin De Bruyne and Amadou Onana speak to the press at 11:30 am. De Bruyne was not his excellent self against Canada on the field, Onana came in eagerly and thus underlined his claim to a basic place. At 13:00 there is a fifteen-minute open training. Looking forward to Romelu Lukaku: is he training with the group and does he look fit? Follow the news closely here. .
  20. 25-11-2022.
  21. 5:40 pm.


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