Priske and Spartan talents: Great work, says expert. However, he sends one piece of advice to Letná

Sparta won the league match in Pilsen, the goal was scored by the experienced David Pavelka, then they managed to beat Slovácko (4:0) in the extra time. However, you can see a lot of young people in the red jersey throughout the season. Kryštof Daněk, for example, has had a great entry into the flight engagement. He did not succeed only in the derby with Slavia.

“But that didn’t work out for the whole team, he got away with it. Otherwise, he played enough. I believe it won’t leave a mark on him. For me, he is a player with a perspective,” says coach Křeček, who does not hide that he believes in the progress of the youngsters under coach Prisk. “I know that he works with talents, I have some information and it is well set up. The players accept the process under coach Prisk, ” he adds.

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The main thing he would think about regarding Kryštof Daňek is the position he is taking on. Křeček would place the youngster in the position of ten, i.e. below the striker. “If he starts from the edge, I wouldn’t even want him to hold the line. He’s not my typical line runner. He is a smart player, he knows how to assert himself one on one, not many players can do that in Czech football. In this position, he is able to outnumber the opponent, so I would push him in the middle, where he would combine and get to the end,” says the coach of the national under-20 team.

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According to him, Daněk coped well with the pressure associated with the engagement at Prague’s Letná. “I see a perspective in him. it is not easy to play for Sparta, there is pressure. I believe that everything will hold up, he will handle it and be a valid player,” adds Křeček editor Martin Mls points out that the performance of the young players corresponds to the performance of the entire team. At the same time, apart from the already mentioned derby, Sparta did not succeed in several matches in a row, which, from Letenské’s point of view, only led to a draw. “Young guys don’t know what to do with it. It’s up to the older teammates not to let it wash over them. If Sparta goes up, even younger players can catch on more,” says the journalist.

Coach Křeček is convinced that the approach of the Danish coach Brian Priske helps Sparta’s young footballers a lot. He and the implementation team talk a lot with the players. “He is very communicative,” notes the coach. “There was a lot of speculation as to whether Martin Vitík would start the next match after the failure of the derby. For me, it was right that the coaches kept him. He came on and repaid the coaches’ trust with an excellent performance,” believes the expert.

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