Police arrest soccer player Mo Ihattaren | Interior

The arrest took place at a house in Utrecht where the footballer was staying at the time. Officers in uniform and plainclothes, according to witnesses, entered the house and took Ihattaren away. He has been transferred to a police station.

The police in Utrecht no longer want to say that a 20-year-old person has been arrested for threats. Sources close to the investigation confirm that it concerns Mo Ihattaren. It is currently unknown who would have threatened Ihattaren and why. The police will investigate the report of a victim in the coming days. It is unclear whether Ihattaren will have to remain in jail during the investigation. Sources consider that plausible.

New low

The arrest of the once very promising football talent is a new low in his career. As a young player, Ihattaren made a big impression at PSV, but after the death of his father, he developed mental problems and came into conflict with the former coach of PSV, Roger Schmidt.

The situation escalated and Ihattaren was sold to Juventus, who loaned him to Sampdoria. After that, Ajax hired the footballer, but Ihattaren also barely got around to playing football in Amsterdam. Last month, Ajax decided to terminate the lease and send Ihattaren back to Italy, where he should report to Juventus again in January.


Earlier this month it was announced that Mo Ihattaren was taken in tow by the family of ex-Ajacied Appie Nouri and often stayed at home there. Former international Wesley Sneijder also took care of him. The stay with the Nouri family seemed to bring the fallen footballer into calmer waters. He started training again with a special team, which included two well-known physiotherapists.

Ihattaren had a turbulent summer with love affairs and personal problems after contacts with people from the criminal environment. His car was also set on fire.



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