“Mr Vaseline”, “always cronyism”… Marc Delire knocks out Roberto Martinez after the Devils defeat against Morocco (video)

This Sunday, and like every evening of this World Cup, Vincenzo Ciuro and his consultants returned to the meetings of the day in the program “Le Vestiaire”. Fond of rants and buzz of all kinds, Marc Delire this time spoke about the performance of our Devils against Morocco. Without mincing words, as usual.

“We have more than one match,” explained the famous consultant. “If we give this golden generation, which has never won anything, an opportunity to finish in style by being eliminated, I have nothing to f… about that. I prefer that we change, and so much the worse for the big names! They didn’t show anything in the first two matches, let’s dare something else. But Roberto Martinez has always been a crony. And I repeat, it’s more and more Mr Vaseline. He makes you swallow anything: the bigger it is, the more it goes with him! »


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