Martín Peláez: “I would love for there to be more city councilors in the future”

After the shareholders’ meeting in which all the points of the day proposed by the Pachuca Group were approved, including the composition of the new council, Martín Peláez assessed for the media how the act had taken place.

shareholders meeting

“We left very happy, I love that people participate, because the club belongs to them. All the contributions are valid. Some are not so simple or do not depend on us. But we are very happy with the new council and with the support of the people”.

Supported in the club.

“They are people with whom we have walked for many years, achieved important things. I would love for there to be more councilors from here, from the city in the future, I’m sure that over time there will be. We are very well sheltered with those from here and from Pachuca”.

“The council is there to advise but the day to day is here, in which we work here at the club, with my people.”

The entrances to the stadium.

“We can plan protocols that help but we cannot enter because they are from the City Council. We can talk and look for solutions, but we do not decide.

Contribution of the new directors.

“They described it very well today (in reference to the LA NUEV ESPAÑA article). Cedillo is a symbol of the group, he is also a shareholder, financially he is a very valuable adviser. Gerardo Cabrera is an important interlocutor. And José Ramón Fernández will help in matters of communication and marketing, support. They are going to contribute a lot to Real Oviedo”.

The King’s Cup.

“Happy to play at home, it’s an important rival but we want to win every game. Hopefully we can move forward and continue to keep up the good pace in the League.”

The partners.

“Hopefully we can reach 20,000 or 21,000, but it depends in part on the team’s progress in La Liga.”

How does Jesús Martínez see it?

“Jesús is always busy, worried, intense. He is very happy with the project although worried about the bad start. He is up to date on all the decisions regarding the club. He will visit us shortly.”


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