Marc Wilmots underlines the importance of the Devils’ victory: ‘We are in a good position, the rest is blah-blah’

The Devils got hot, but the Devils won. At the end of a more than complicated meeting, Belgium started their World Cup in the best possible way by pocketing the three points against Canada.

If the way was not at the rendezvous, what counts is the victory. And it’s not Marc Wilmots who will say otherwise. “Our opponents take a point (Croatia shared the challenge against Morocco, editor’s note), we are in a good position. The rest is blabla, we forget. Admittedly, we were not good but it is 1-0 and we have the three points. The main thing is to get to the round of 16 and then you have to fight to go to the end”argues the former coach on the set of Benjamin Deceuninck.

On his side, Swann Borsellino take away two things from this victory. “Between the defeats of Germany and Argentina, we could see that it is not easy to enter a World Cup. I also remember the substitutes and the good rises in the game of Leandro Trossard et Loïs Apenda although we hope that Romelu Lukaku will return in the course of the competition”.

Finally, Stephan Strecker also draws a positive conclusion after this narrow victory. “A tenacious cliché consists in saying that to go far in a tournament, you have to start it badly. We did not recognize anything during this meeting, in particular the bad choices of Kevin De Bruyne. In contrast, Thibaut Courtois et Toby Alderweireld achieved great things in a game where nothing was going well”.

The Devils will try to validate their qualification against Morocco this Sunday at 2 p.m.



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