Lionel Scaloni’s squad arrived in Doha

“It was an uncomfortable match, because of the rival and the date. It was not easy to play six days from the start. But we pulled it off. That’s why, at halftime we made several changes and it faded a bit. In the first half we did quite well But the normal “.

“It is impossible to tell the boys not to put their leg in. It is true that we take care of some of them. You can’t tell them anything else.”

But the most curious moment of DT’s talk with the press came when talking about those called up:

“Did they all finish well? We have some little problems, we have a few days to decide on the list. We’ll see what can happen, luckily or bad luck we can still change, hopefully not but there is the possibility.”

The coach stated that the regulations still allow changes to the list of 26 that will go to the World Cup, and then clarified that he was not referring to any specific name.



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