Lazio, Tare on the Conference: “We will honor you, it’s a duty”

The day after the elimination from the Europa League, an old declaration in which the Biancocelesti ds defined it “the competition of the losers” bounced on social networks

A clarification, because sometimes it is a duty. The Lazio sporting director returns to express himself on the Conference League. He did it a few weeks ago, during a lesson at Luiss, and, answering a provocative question from a Roma fan, he called it “the competition of the losers”. Thus extrapolated an equivocal phrase, which can almost seem like a dig at the Giallorossi who, last season, won it. In reality the intent (perceived by those present at the lesson) was to explain that this is a competition that is not comparable to the Champions League in terms of revenues. A club must have the ambition of stably playing the highest European competition in order to grow economically and, consequently, structurally. Growth, with the rewards guaranteed by the Conference, can only be limited. This is the meaning of the speech.


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