Jan Böhmermann blasphemes about RB Leipzig before the start of the tour

Jan Böhmermann is one of the most famous entertainers and satirists on German television. For years, the presenter, who lives in Cologne, has been stirring up the TV landscape with his “ZDF Magazin Royale” and repeatedly making headlines.

In the new year he will go on a big tour of Germany with his “Rundfunk-Tanzorchester” and will also stop in Leipzig on January 16th. Before the start of his tour, Böhmermann had the “Central German newspaper“Given a long interview and – among many other topics – also briefly talked about RB Leipzig.

Jan Böhmermann on RB: “Fortunately there are other people in Leipzig”

In 2017, Dynamo Dresden fans had shown a banner in the fan curve with the inscription: “Böhmermann shut your stupid Wessimaul”. The satirist had previously insulted the club on his show. Dresden is not a stop on Böhmermann’s tour, but Leipzig’s “Quarterback Immobilien Arena”.

2ß17 the fans of Dynamo Dresden “greeted” Jan Böhmermann with a banner.

(Photo: image/Dennis Hetzschold)

“But that’s not due to the fantastic Dynamo Dresden fans,” Böhmermann explained to MZ and added: “From a football perspective, I should actually go to Dresden rather than Leipzig. And before that to Aue.”

The 41-year-old is obviously not a fan of RB Leipzig: “Because with people who Tip Red Bull into the DFB Cup, I don’t want to have anything to do. But fortunately there are other people in Leipzig.”

How seriously you have to (or should) take this statement by the TV provocateur is something everyone can decide for themselves…



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