Jamal Musiala from FC Bayern Munich on the way to becoming a world star

Dhe unease that many people are feeling about the forthcoming World Cup was also felt at Schalke on Saturday evening. A huge banner calling for a tournament boycott hung on the south side of the stadium. and Bayern Munich Captain Manuel Neuer described the tournament in the ZDF interview as an “experiment” in which the German team would constantly ask themselves “how far can you go?” to point out the abysses behind the desert World Cup. However, other messages were even more present that evening, which impressively showed the painful contradiction that many friends of the art of playing will be exposed to in the coming weeks.

Because there will certainly be exciting, dramatic and enchantingly beautiful games, and a German professional has not only been one of the most promising candidates for the role of World Cup superstar since his magic show in Gelsenkirchen. After FC Bayern’s 2-0 win at FC Schalke Jamal Musiala was once again showered with praise.



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