He is fired, revenge against his former boss is exaggerated: arrested

His former boss fired him and revenge was triggered for the man. An exaggerated reaction, to say the least, given that the handcuffs were triggered for the employee

Carabinieri (Ansa Photo)

By now a Siroloin the province of Ancona, we are not talking about anything other than an episode. Happened, among other things, a few days ago. But let’s go in order. His employer did not want to renew the contract to the employee. So much that fire him. The latter, however, did not give up and decided to take his own vendetta. Exaggerated to say the least since the shots were taken for him handcuffs.

At the end of the summer season he was sent home. The culprit, man of 39 years old, smashed the former boss’s car with a baseball bat. Not happy, he decided to set fire to the restaurant as well ‘terrace sea‘ where he had worked until recently. In trouble there too mate which he had done to him from “palo“.

The 39-year-old (from Porto Potenza Picena), is now at the House arrest. The charges against him are very serious given that we are talking about: aggravated damage and attempted fire. The newspaper reported the storyAdriatic Courier‘. The same goes for his fiancée, who lives in Reggio Emilia. The investigations were initiated by the carabinieri of the Numana station. With the precious collaboration of the Compagnia di Osimo (headed by Luigi Ciccarelli).

He destroys the former boss’s car and club in revenge: arrested

The ex-employee's revenge goes further: the handcuffs go off
Carabinieri (Ansa Photo)

It all happened last year September 18th, shortly after 2 am. The man first started with the car then headed towards the club. How did it act? He broke the glass of a French door to get inside.

He doused some wooden tables with flammable liquid and set them on fire. The fire, however, did not occur for a simple reason: the materials were fire resistant. It could have been a real tragedy given that above the restaurant there is a B&B and the restaurateur’s homes. In the coming days, the man and his partner will be questioned.



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