Deiten Lachance: At the bottom of the train towards the MLB


Jérôme Gaudreau, La Tribune, November 19, 2022

Deiten Lachance has already left the family home in Sherbrooke for over a year. Now living in Montreal, the young 17-year-old hopeful is doing everything to achieve his dream one day: to play in Major League Baseball. But before thinking about the next draft, Deiten Lachance will head to the American network, namely McLennan College, a nursery for professional players.

Waco, Texas: The perfect place for a catcher. The choice was not difficult for Deiten Lachance.

“McLennan College has produced some very good receivers who play in MLB today. It’s the best place for me. Yes it’s far. But I left my family when I was 16 and I’m ready to make those sacrifices. I gave my pledge a few days ago and I feel a lot less weight on my shoulders. It’s one less stress for me, the fact of having found the place where I will evolve in the next few years. For my parents too, because I transferred my stress onto them, necessarily. I believe I was well advised by my agent, since the team also has a fine winning past. They are often champions of their section. In short, I am really happy!”

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Photo above: Deiten Lachance dreams of the day he will be drafted by Major League Baseball. (Photo: La Tribune Archives, Maxime Picard)

Press review published by Jacques Lanciault



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