Day 6 of the World Cup: what to expect from Mexico

This Friday, November 25, episode No. 190 of the Olé podcast aired on Spotify. On this occasion, on day 6 of the World Cup, in the first move We analyze Mexico, this Saturday’s rival of the Argentine National Team in what is already considered a final.

In this episode, Emi Pinsón and Vero Brunati talk about what to expect from the team led by Gerardo Martino. In addition, the opinions of the coach El Piojo Herrera and the journalist Pepe del Bosque on how the game can be played.


After landing on Twitch, the family olé It continues to expand in 2022 and adding new formats to reach a larger audience. The launch in March of this daily sports news podcast, hosted by Emi Pinsón and Vero Brunati, takes place within the framework of a joint effort with Spotify, the world’s leading audio platform, and the production of Torneos.


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