Chubut continues to fight in the Araucanía Games

The third day of competitions in the XXIX Araucanía Binational Games has passed, which will continue until Saturday the 19th in the Los Lagos Region, and Chubut continues to be the protagonist.

During this Thursday, in team sports, the regular phases began to close, facing the crosses that will define who will fight for a podium or a good final position.

dream basketball

Men’s basketball won and was one step away from the semifinals in Ancud. During this Thursday they beat Los Ríos 75-45 in the morning shift and at press time they were facing Araucanía. In the event of a repeat victory (against a rival that came with three defeats in four games), “Tati” del Sol’s team will be first or second in the area, making sure they play one of the semifinals that will be played on Friday at 6:00 p.m.

The women’s basketball team from Chubut, which plays in Castro, missed the victory against Neuquén at the end and lost any chance of entering the best four. It was lost 50-49 against Neuquinas and on Friday from 9 o’clock, they will play the last game of the regular round against Ñuble, to see in which position they finish in their group and for which position they will fight in the next phase.

it got away

In Osorno, women’s soccer was close to the feat of getting into the top four for the first time in history. Nuria Lamela’s cast beat Santa Cruz 2-0 (goals by Ludmila Troncoso and Valentina Leguiza) and finished the regular season undefeated, with two wins and a draw. However, due to goal difference, it was the Ñuble team that won the zone and will play the semifinal. Chubut for its part, will now play for a position between 5th and 8th place.

For its part, in Puerto Montt, the men’s soccer team closed the regular phase by achieving its first win of the tournament with a 3-1 win against Magallanes. The authors of the first Chubut goals in the tournament were Santino Tula, Francisco Quinteros and Thiago Vázquez. Although Petronio’s team did not manage to get into the semifinals, they will have to wait for the remaining games to see if from Friday they will play for the best position from 5th to 8th place, or from 9th to 12th.

At the same venue, women’s volleyball ran out of chances to enter the top four, after falling in tomorrow’s turn against La Pampa 3-1 (15-25, 25-16, 25-23 and 25-9). Although the last duel of the initial phase was played at the last minute against Aysén, this game will not change Chubut’s third place in the area and tomorrow they will have to play for fourth and fifth place, at 9 in the morning. The rival will come out will be the one who finishes fourth in zone 2, and the chances are Neuquén, Bío Bío or Los Ríos.

Also at the headquarters, the men’s volleyball team today played the Patagonian classic against Río Negro, but could not keep the victory. In a very close duel, the Rio Negros were left with the 3-1 victory (and secured a place in the semifinal. Chubut for its part must wait for the last game of the first round, which will be played on Friday at 9 in front of to Ñuble, to see if a victory is enough to get into the semifinals or go on to play for 5th place.

add medals

Chubut judo returned to add a new podium in Osorno on Thursday afternoon. Melanie Morales in the category up to 57 kilos won the bronze medal, the second for our delegation in this tournament. In addition, Aylin Molina competed in 63 kilos, Joaquín Barril in 66 and Santiago Alfonso in 73, but they did not pass the qualifying phase.

Swimming, as usual, once again made a great contribution to the Chubut medal table this Thursday, although at press time, some results had not yet been made official since they were still competing. It was confirmed that Santiago Zappa was gold in the 50-meter freestyle and that Iara Roberts achieved bronze in the 100-meter breaststroke. Until before the tests on Thursday, Chubut led the general summation in the men’s branch and was in sixth place in the women’s.

In athletics, which takes place on the Puerto Montt municipal track, the most important performance from Chubut of the day was that of Santiago Vázquez, who finished third in the final series for times of 800 flat meters, with a time of 01:56.32 . In the women’s 800, Azul Marchak was 5th and Maira Ávila 6th.

Agustín Coronel, from Madrid, also stood out again, finishing with the second best time of all the series in the 110-meter hurdles event and tomorrow he will run the medal final. In addition, in the women’s 200 flats, Milena Arnoriega also went to the final, after obtaining the third best time of all the series in that distance and on Friday she will go in search of the podium.

For their part, Joaquín Galeano and Ezequiel Bono ran the 200-level series and were waiting for official times to see if they would qualify for tomorrow’s final. In other performances, María Paula Núñez participated in the 110 hurdles, but could not pass the qualifying phase and Hernán Reuqué finished 14th in the discus throw.

Finally, the cycling discipline had a rest day, both for the female and male branches, but on Friday the competition will resume with the individual time trial from 9 am and will close on Saturday with the street circuit. So far, after the team time trial and the peloton en route, the men’s squad is in third position, behind Los Lagos and Río Negro. Meanwhile, the women’s team remains in seventh place, about 12 minutes (in overall time) from Ñuble, which currently occupies fifth place.


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