Charleroi fans hostage match again: new protest despite lead, ref blows his whistle | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

It was written in the stars that this match would cause disturbances. Even before kick-off, some Charleroi fans wanted the skin of chairman Mehdi Bayat outside the stadium. After almost two minutes of football it was already that. Charleroi supporters threw tennis balls and Bengal fire on the turf en masse.

After some cleaning up, football could still be played, but that was once again not counting the fans of the Carolo’s. After fifteen minutes, Jan Boterberg stopped the match after new flares.

“This is very bad advertising for Belgian football,” said radio commentator Tom Boudeweel. We can’t blame him.

Despite everything, a first half could be completed and Charleroi was the most dangerous team. Gholizadeh once decided too weak on Coucke, on the other side Schoofs just went wide.

Peace seemed to have returned to the stands, especially when Benbouali worked an assist from Zorgane perfectly past Coucke. You would think that everything was safe and sound, because Charleroi was ahead.

Strangely enough, that was also the signal to throw fire arrows on the field once more. Knowing well that Charleroi would lose the match with 0-5. Jan Boterberg had had enough and had no choice but to blow the whistle.



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