Campazzo’s return is getting closer: his situation in Dallas is unsustainable

It was the soap opera of the summer, but it seemed that his signing for Dallas ended everything. However, it has not been like that, and his return to Real Madrid is getting closer and closer due to his situation.

Campazzo was clear that he wanted to speed up his options to continue in the NBA. He was going to accept any offer, although he was aware that this could have consequences, as they are happening.

The Argentine point guard an unsustainable situation is happening. He remains focused on doing well, earning a spot in the rotation and taking advantage of any opportunities he gets. The problem is that these do not arrive.

On October 28, Facu appeared on the track for the last time. 3 minutes played in his team’s victory against the Nets. But since then, he had totally disappeared.

The games were passing, six to be exact, and we still didn’t see Campazzo on the floor. It’s clear he’s not getting into the rotation, and he doesn’t count for much to his coach.

In the last duel, against the Wizards, he did tie his laces again to jump on the court. However, he was only 10 seconds on the court. A poor baggage that begins to close the doors of the NBA.

And it is that, Seeing how little he is playing, and that his contract allows the Dallas franchise to cut him in January without having to pay his full contract, his return to Real Madrid seems closer.

Campazzo himself recently confirmed that he tries to watch all the matches of Chus Mateo’s team. It is clear that he is the only alternative to him in the NBA, and there are more and more possibilities that he will be the great winter reinforcement.


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