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The home runs of the BetPlay League 2022-II started, with exciting duels, full of football and emotions. The first date of the final phase left many things to comment, analyze and interpret.

Since Viera’s expulsion, Aja’s injury, VAR actions in all places. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly from the home run date.

The good

Deportivo Pereira and Águilas Doradas surprise as leaders: The two teams have been having a spectacular campaign. Despite not being among the considered favorites, the football of both has them as the revelations of the League.

The matecañas overcame all adversity and beat Junior 4 to 3, with all the seasoning that the seven goals brought, where it was defined at the end. For its part, the cast from Antioquia looked quite superior to America, leaving aside the weak label of the group.
Both teams take advantage, in a path in home runs that is just beginning.

José Silva’s level with Santa Fe: the goalkeeper has improved, he strengthened himself in the goal with Castellanos’ injuries. From mistakes at the start of the championship, to being a savior against Millonarios. Penalty saved and several controlled actions, which represented danger for the cardinals.
Diego Escalante, with the ‘hot potato’ in Pereira vs. Junior: the central defender carried through the duel that had many arbitration challenges. From canceling Castro’s goal, expulsions of Bacca and Viera, he was right in all of them. In addition, the actions of the VAR were decisive, to call the judge at the right time, who reversed several actions and noticed others, to impart justice.

The bad

Millionaires have not won the League at El Campín since September: Blues and Cardinals tied at one goal in the capital’s classic. Those from Gamero don’t know what it means to win in the league, at home, since September 3. On that occasion, they defeated the Cardinals 2-0.

Junior, without 1 and 9 to face Millionaires:
The unusual expulsion of Sebastián Viera generated all kinds of comments. A meaningless yellow for protesting had the goalkeeper. When he took the temporary equalizing penalty, he took off his shirt. The regulations are clear and he saw the ‘traffic light’, with a penalty to be paid against Millionaires.

Carlos Bacca had a tough encounter with Vásquez, entering a delicate zone. The VAR called and he was expelled. Junior will need to resort to substitutes, to replace 1 and 9 against Millonarios, where it will be vital for the Barranquilla players to add.

the ugly

José Aja and the fracture that will marginalize him from competition: The Santa Fe defender suffered an accidental blow by his teammate Andrey Estupiñán. Medical attention of the body of the lions and also of the blue ones, to help the players.

The Uruguayan left the stadium in an ambulance, given the hard blow and his previous diagnosis: septum fracture. Alfredo Arias himself confirmed that it is unlikely that they will have him for the remainder of the semester.


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