Atlético Junior: statements by Julio Comesaña after the 4-3 home run loss to Pereira | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Julio Comesaña spoke after Junior’s 4-3 defeat at the hands of Pereira, for the first date of the semifinal home runs, in a match that had all the seasonings. In the end, the rojiblanco finished with nine players on the field, after the expulsion of his greatest references: Carlos Bacca and Sebastián Viera. The technician made it clear who he will talk to about it.

“In my opinion, it was an extraordinary game, not just for the people, but for us. It was a great game, including tactical aspects by both teams. We needed to play a well-rounded game like this. Afterwards, emotional stability plays for the different situations, I think the referee was in a hurry to award penalties and fortunately the VAR saved him. Nothing could tarnish this show,” Comesaña analyzed.

When asked by the press about the “irresponsibility” of Viera, who scored a penalty goal and celebrated by taking off his shirt, which led to the second yellow card and therefore the expulsion, Junior’s coach said that “those of us who have been inside playing a pitch, we know what irresponsibility is and what it isn’t. It’s a topic that I’m going to talk about with the players, today I don’t look at that”.

And he added: “the expulsions left us in a bad situation because the only striker we had was Bacca, now I don’t have him due to expulsion. We are on the edge of the knife and this today, about Viera, I will talk to him. There are players Because of their way of being, they warm up games with pushes. We never learn”.

Comesaña also mentioned that his team did not finish the game well due to lack of maturity. He put a slap on the ears to his direction, but he was confident with what was coming. “We lacked maturity and temperance because it was a favorable moment for us and we got into that mess. That’s it, we’re not going to stop sleeping because of that. The team had the courage to react and play a great game, we fell with dignity, we fell Playing”.

Regarding the midweek challenge against Millonarios, against which he has the thorn in the Betplay Cup final, the coach said that “we are trying to solve it, look at this now, the last straw is today. We have to be strong and keep fighting.



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