After 10 years of tennis, formal shoes would be the new fashion in men

If you have formal shoes that you only wear on special dates or with formal attire, then dust them off because fashion, which never ceases to amaze, is showing that these can be worn casually.

“People are bored with the lack of innovation with sneakers, so it makes sense for more men to wear loafers and derbies,” Mark Boutilier, 24, a fashion content creator in Atlanta, told the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). , USA

But make no mistake, as footwear becomes more refined according to latest catwalks of the big firms, menswear trends are getting looser.

This presents a style dichotomy, for how do you end up pairing black-tie shoes with comfy shirts and pants seemingly designed for naps?

The result would be the reverse of what currently exists: to wear suits with sneakers, something that has been done for the last 10 years, Esteras Klingberg, founder of the London menswear store Trunk Clothiers, told WSJ.

“Men used to wear sneakers to dress up formal looks, but now they are incorporating dressy shoes to elevate the [conjuntos] more casual,” said Klingberg, who recently sold cargo pants to a customer to pair with loafers.

So you could combine them, according to WSJ
moccasins. Stylish yet understated, penny loafers may be the easiest way to buy into the formal footwear trend.

Yuki Matsuda, the founder of the Yuketen and Monitaly brands, wears his black pomegranate loafers to dress up relaxed pants like slouchy, pleated styles or corduroy options. They assure that “I look good even when I am relaxed”.

paraboots. The quirky leather lace-up shoes from Paraboot, a French brand founded in 1908, were originally designed as alpine walking shoes.

But in recent years, the brand has created a cult following among modern urbanites. Tony Sylvester, a 49-year-old British musician and menswear enthusiast who lives in Kent, near London, told the WSJ that he appreciates his brown Michael Paraboots because “they’re waterproof and thick, but also quite stylish.” He wears them with a forest green tracksuit and beige coat, a look he describes as “intentionally dressing like an old man”.

derbies. Although the gloss black derbies are somewhat understated choices, the modern intakes are mounted on chunky, eye-catching rubber mounts.

Robbie Gordy, 35, a customer-interaction marketer from Brooklyn, told WSJ he loves his Thom Browne derbies with edgy soles.

“They’re not as stylish as a flat pair, but I can wear them in New York and they’re very comfortable.” Gordy pairs them with shorts to “show off the shoes.”



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